The International Training Course “Inclusive sport” took place in Palermo (Italy) from 15th to 21st of July 2017. The training gathered 24 sport trainers and youth workers from Italy, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an aim to share and discuss practical experiences in the field of social inclusion, specifically aiming towards singling out the best methods, tools and competencies required for the social integration and inclusion of refugee asylum seekers and other socially vulnerable groups, as one of the requirements for the implementation of following local project activities.

Each day of the International Training Course consisted of group and team work, ice breaking games, presentations and fruitful discussions, and each day was enriched by different social events, like intercultural bazaar and outdoor activities. One of the most beneficial activities were those specifically organised to present the work with disadvantaged groups in real life situations, therefore the participants were given an opportunity to visit a safe house for women and children in Palermo.
All participants returned to their respective countries, ready to design and organise local training courses having acquired new knowledge and practical experience and to share and transfer all that they have learned to future sport trainers and youth workers.

After the International Training Course in Palermo, each partner organized and implemented a local training course, led by the participants of the previous international training course. The aim of these training was to coach a group of disadvantaged youth interested in being sport educators in following MATCH local activities. Attending sessions focused on the educational values of Sport, roles and skills of a coach and inclusive games combined with communication strategies and other topics during different days, each training prepared these youth to recognize and put in practice sport activities as a tool for social inclusion.



After the local training courses, each partner organized two main activities at local level:

  • Renovation of a public space to practice sport
  • Weekly sport activities (football, basketball, volleyball, traditional games etc.)

Such activities, addressed to young people with different background, were led by the youngsters trained earlier at the local training course. The aim of such activities were to put in practice the competences acquired before and to use sport a tool for meeting people with different background.

From the 6th to the 21st of June, 10 young people from partners’ countries came to Palermo. These youth participated to several sport activities aimed at social inclusion and mutual respect along with locals, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. They notably participated to the urban renewal of the “Campo di Bocce” in the district of Albergheria, to its inaugural event which gathered more than 50 people and to the “Campo di bocce cup”, one of the stage of the Mediterraneo Antirazzista tournament, an historic sport and cultural festival in Palermo.

They actively took part then to the final of this tournament, where they gave logistic and organizational support and reinforced the different sport activities (football, volleyball, cricket and rugby), in which more than 100 sport teams were participating. They have been also involved in the implementation of the inaugural and final concert, which gathers more than 500 people. Finally, they contributed to the “MATCH video contest” in which they had to create short videos promoting sport, social inclusion and mutual respect.



Back from the jobshadowing experience and inspired by Mediterraneo Antirazzista, the youth from each partner country supported the organization of a Sport Festival promoting values of citizenships, interculturality, friendships etc. Involving youth and people with different background, each partner organisation had the opportunity to show how to use sport for social inclusion through small sport tournaments, music, food etc.

On the 7th of Marchmin Athens (Greece) a Public Event was organized in order to disseminate all the project results and activities. Such event was characterized by two main moments:

  • a public conference attended by stakeholders expert in the field of sport, education and social inclusion;
  • a Football tournament and award ceremony: “MATCH final football tournament!”

The Conference was a great occasion to talk about the project topic and impact reached in all the partner countries.
During the Conference it was organized a Panel discussion based on “Diversity & Inclusivity: Creative Citizens of Europe”.

The Panel discussion has been conducted by different experts in the field such as:

  • Dr. Anastasios Maragiannis from the University of Greenwich.
  • Michalis Afolayan from “ANASA cultural center”
  • Aimilia Plati author of the children’s book “The Fairy tale with fairy tales”
  • Giovanni Barbieri, project manager from the Migration Unit of CESIE
  • Jean-Didier Totow president of the Congolese community in Athens and vice-president of Greek Forum of Refugees

The second part of the Public Event has seen the participation of many people and football teams to the “MATCH final football tournament!”. During this event also a team “born” in the MATCH framework and activities has participated. The team shared the values of inclusion, education and friendship.

Final conference

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