Job-Shadowing in Palermo

Jul 5, 2018 | News

MATCH proceeds its way through activities of social inclusion and interaction between migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, local and international youngsters.
In the last months, the consortium has worked very hard in order to promote and implement sport activities.

The activities saw the participation of youths along with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in sports activities aimed at social inclusion and mutual respect.

We believe that through sport we can break down many social barriers, developing respect and a reciprocal dialogue between different social actors, especially among young people.

From 6th to 21st of June, in order to increase the impact of the project at local and international levels, youngsters from each partner country come to Palermo for the “Job-Shadowing” activity.

Indeed, 10 job-shadowers from Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina and Spain came to Palermo to support and participate in the urban renewal of “Campo di Bocce” which has seen also an inaugural event of the requalified area whit the participation of more than 50 people.
The renewal has been implemented in the frame of the sport and cultural events of Mediterraneo Antirazzista festival.
MEDITERRANEO ANTIRAZZISTA is an historic sporting, artistic and cultural event that aims to promote intercultural relations between the different components that inhabit the city, proving to question the dichotomies of centre/periphery and inclusion/exclusion.

The job-shadowers have actively participated to Mediterraneo Antirazzista festival giving logistic and organizational support. They have been involved in the implementation of the inaugural and final concert that has seen more than 1000 people participating and they have organized one of the stage of the Mediterraneo tournament in Albergheria, Palermo. Moreover, the job-shadowers have supported the different sport activities during the entire festival, which have seen more the 100 sport teams involved in playing football, volleyball, cricket and rugby!

Finally, youngsters from Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina and Spain have given important contributions for the “MATCH video contest” in which, divided in couples, they have created short video promoting sport, social inclusion and mutual respect.

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