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Dec 17, 2018 | News

Over the last months in Banyoles, the Match team has been working on the activities of the campaign Grassroots sports in public spaces, trying to make an important impact on the local population. The rehabilitated space has been a basketball field, so we have been looking for activities related on this sport.
After few failed attempts, our team included football in the proposed activities because of the participants. Apart from that, the Match volunteers have worked on including different ages on its activities, achieving ages from 8 to 18 years old playing together. 
After few weeks working on this proposed activities which were developed on Tuesdays and Fridays the team considered they should offer the activities on Saturday afternoon, increasing the participation and making it easier for the volunteers to participate as well. This decision has affected the whole project positively. The possibility of having a full sport uniform also helped to this goal.
We faced a delay in the materialisation of the mural painting and it’s now finished!!! This point gave wings to the visibility of the project and the sessions started to attract more and more public. On the other hand, during the first weeks the artist who makes the new mural and the participants shared the same space, and that has been very interesting to observe that everybody respected the spaces. 
All these improvements have produced an increased number of participants and good energy for the last weeks of activity preparing the final tournament to be developed the 30th of June. The end of the campaign is coming but what staff, participants and volunteers of the project have done will not end. This project has brought the public sport field and the neighbourhood up again, filling it with young and not that young people every day.

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