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Dec 17, 2018 | News

At the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo on Monday, 6th of March 2017 a local Consultancy Meeting was held in regards to the implementation of the project Social Inclusion Opportunities – MATCH.
The meeting was organised and led by prof.dr. Izet Rađo, project team coordinator and doc.dr. Dino Mujkić, sport expert, who have informed the participants of the meeting about the activities and tasks for the first work package of the project. Since the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education University of Sarajevo is one of the lead partners of the first work package, it is important to note that the selection of participants who are to attend the International Training Course (International TC) has already been finalised by FASTO. The participants who have attended the first Local Consultancy Meeting and are to attend the International TC (apart from the project team), are: 


Sport Trainers:
•    doc.dr. Slavenko Likić,
•    doc.dr. Damira Vranešić – Hadžimehmedović

Youth Trainers:
•    Ajla Avdagić
•    Emina Sućeska

Within the following months, the project team FASTO along with the four selected participants for the International TC will work on developing the necessary methodology by which the local and national practices will be collected from all the partners and summarised. The collection of best practices is crucial for the International TC, securing that the participants will be well prepared for the Training Course, thus achieving the best possible results which are to be expected from International TC implementation.

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