Path of inclusion among places, people and communities

We believe that sport can break down social barriers, facilitating mutual dialogue between different social actors, especially among young people.  In the last months of the MATCH project, we conducted successfully. One of the activities that should be mentioned is...

Local Consultancy Meeting University of Sarajevo

At the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo on Monday, 6th of March 2017 a local Consultancy Meeting was held in regards to the implementation of the project Social Inclusion Opportunities – MATCH. The meeting was organised and led by...

First Prep meeting in CNB

After having identified the team who will participate in the International Training Course (TC) to be held in Palermo in mid of July. We joined for some interviews to prepare and discuss about sport as an inclusion tool trying to identify the best practices in our...

WELCOME TO SARAJEVO, a Place Close to Heart

The Sarajevo region has long been the cultural and political capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cultural, natural, and historical heritage is certainly amongst the most fascinating in all of the Balkans – for it is here that the great eastern and western powers...

The fourth partner meeting in Sarajevo

As planned, the fourth partner meeting of the Consortium MATCH will be held in Sarajevo on the 24th and 25th of May 2018.   The meeting will be organised by the project partner Faculty of Sport and Physical Education University of Sarajevo. The partners of the MATCH...

Local consultancy meeting at University of Sarajevo

The project team of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo held a Local consultancy meeting at 15th of March regarding the implementation of the project „Social Inclusion Opportunities – MATCH“ at the premises of the Faculty of Sport and...

Local Activities In Banyoles

Over the last months in Banyoles, the Match team has been working on the activities of the campaign Grassroots sports in public spaces, trying to make an important impact on the local population. The rehabilitated space has been a basketball field, so we have been...

Job-Shadowing in Palermo

MATCH proceeds its way through activities of social inclusion and interaction between migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, local and international youngsters.In the last months, the consortium has worked very hard in order to promote and implement sport activities. The...

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