Job Shadowing

Dec 19, 2018

Once coaches have completed their certification, 2 of them per partner will be given the chance to attend a jobshadowing in Palermo (Italy), during the organization and implementation of ― Mediterraneo ― “Mediterraneo Antirazzista” that represents in MATCH, a Local Anti-racist Sport festival.
The selected coaches, 1 from the group of asylum seekers and refugees and 1 from the local disadvantaged group of youngsters, will participate to the preparatory phase of Mediterraneo Antirazzista and will then help in the implementation in order to transform their experience into a good practice to be shared and repeated. In consequence of the jobshadowing activity, which will last 15 days, a plan for the organization of a grassroots sport festival will be prepared and distributed to the partners. The content of this plan will be elaborated by pedagogical experts from the CESIE and sport experts from Handala. The jobshadowing will be made up of 3 sub-phases and coaches will be fully involved in the following activities:
– organization and management of street mini-tournaments, distribution of gadgets and informative material, organization of concerts and street parades;
– organization and management of the final steps of the festival that will take place at the Velodrome ― Paolo Borsellino in Palermo, scheduling the tournaments by categories in the days of the festivals which normally last 4 days at mid-June;
– organization and management of the closing party where exhibitions, musical concerts, cooking banquets from ethnic comunities and least but not last award ceremonies are arranged the winner.