Local Anti-Racist Sport Festival

Dec 19, 2018

After the “Mediterraneo Antirazzista” ends, the coaches that have jobshadowed, except for the italian ones, will be in charge of the realization of anti-racist grassroots sport festivals in the abandoned public spaces previously recovered and renovated. Specifically these festivals will last one day and the activities to be developed from the plan to the launch of each festival will be:

  • a promotional event in order to inform a wider audience about the activities foreseen and to stimulate the participation of people interested in becoming local volunteers.
  • Recruitment of volunteers and organization of a training to better respond to the festival needs.
  • Selection of the activities to be played and screening of the registered sport teams.
  • Implementation of the sport activities.
  • Management of award ceremonies and organization of a closing party with music and ethnic food at the end of the festival day.