The Project

Match social inclusion opportunities is a 2 year Collaborative Partnerships project co-funded under the Erasmus + programme, intending to enhance social inclusion and equal opportunities for refugees and disadvantaged young local people by fostering and increasing participation in sport activities.

MATCH will create a constructive dialogue between these different social group and professionals working in the field of Youth and Sport, driving a change towards an inclusive system by reinforcing the idea of sport as a tool for social inclusion and raising awareness of its potential.

Six participating countries (Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain) will develop and implement a range of activities including training courses at transnational and local level, renovation of public spaces for sport, youth sport tournaments and Antiracist festivals.



To strengthen sports as a tool for social inclusion and to raise awareness about its potential


To foster an increased participation of refugees and local young people in sport activities and to create a constructive dialogue between different social groups


To train Youth workers and Sport Trainers to a better awareness and proper skills to use sport as a pedagogical tool to foster social inclusion of “vulnerable” target groups


To offer learning opportunities (being coach) to sportive young people from local and migrant origins that would increase their level of social inclusion and their future job opportunities


To foster the (re)discovery and use of public spaces for the practice of grassroots sports

Target Groups


Refugees and asylum seekers aged 15-25


Young people from disadvantaged environments aged 15-25


Youth workers and educators who have little or no experience of using sport as an educational tool


Sport trainers who lack the pedagogical tools in the construction of sport activities

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